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Growing Our Future: Yume Africa Attends Agribusiness Festival to Encourage Youth Farming Education

Yume Africa attends the 1st Agribusiness Festival in Buea, Cameroon on February 7th and announces plans to partner with local schools to promote farming education for young students.

Farming has always been a vital aspect of Africa's economy and society, providing food, income, and employment opportunities for millions of people. Despite this, there has been a significant decline in the number of young people interested in agriculture, leading to an aging farming population and a potential food security crisis.

To address this issue, Yume Africa participated in the 1st Agribusiness Festival in Buea, Cameroon in February 2023. The festival was a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors to showcase their products, services, and ideas and explore opportunities in the agricultural sector.

As a nonprofit organization, Yume Africa is committed to empowering young people in Africa and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the agricultural sector. At the festival, Yume Africa engaged with various stakeholders and identified potential partners such as United Action for Children(UAC) Cameroon, a local organization, to support launching a farming education program in local schools.

The farming education program aims to encourage young students to consider agriculture as a viable and lucrative career option. It will provide students with practical training in farming, covering topics such as soil preparation, crop cultivation, pest management, and marketing. By promoting farming education, Yume Africa hopes to inspire the next generation of farmers and contribute to a sustainable agricultural sector in Africa.

Yume Africa believes that agriculture is the backbone of the African economy and can play a significant role in addressing the continent's food security challenges. By encouraging young people to pursue a career in agriculture, we can create employment opportunities, increase food production, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the African continent.

Yume Africa is excited to embark on this new journey and looks forward to partnering with 3 local schools, stakeholders, and volunteers to launch the farming education program. Together, we can build a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector and ensure a bright future for Africa.

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