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Support our shoe drive for kids in need in Cameroon

Don't miss out on our November shoe drive for kids in need in Cameroon. Getting to school is a real challenge for most children in rural areas in Africa.

Many parents are forced to enroll their children in schools far from home because of inadequate or nonexistent school infrastructure.

Due to financial limitations, these parents cannot afford transportation for their children to school. Despite this, these children reach their schools by crossing rivers or sneaking into fields in cold, hot, or rainy weather. Every day, these students walk an average 8-10 miles to go to school. However, none of these obstacles are holding them back. The distance may tire them, the heat may weaken them, or the rain and cold may freeze them, but they don't quit. Above all, they are diligent in school and achieve good grades.

The K-12 students in rural areas of Africa are true examples of courage, tenacity, and resilience that we should all encourage and emulate.

Helping them get appropriate shoes is one of the best ways to encourage them. Therefore, we are launching a shoe drive fundraiser for students between the ages of 5 and 18. You can support this initiative in three ways:

  1. You can drop your used or new shoes off at the designated location: Morrow Middle School in Georgia which agreed to collaborate with us.

  2. You can send your shoes to our mailing address: 650 Ponce De Leon Ave Ste. 300 #1565, Atlanta, GA 30308

  3. You can donate directly to our organization. Visit our website: or support our ongoing GoFundMe Campaign.

The shoes will be distributed directly to the students in rural areas in Cameroon.

Thank you so much for your support.

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