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2022 results are in! Our tutoring program works!

Due to numerous challenges the students face such as problems brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the teacher’ strike in Cameroon, many students struggle to keep up good grades and therefore can have a hard time passing their final exam. However, there is a way we can help support Cameroonian students on their path to success: personalized tutoring!

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, tutoring is a way of teaching or guiding, usually individually, for a particular purpose. Tutoring has proven to help and support students' learning in a more personalized and flexible way. It works and can make a difference in student’s life. Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the 98th percentile and improve scores of high achievers across all grades. (Source:

We recently received the final exam results for the students in our tutoring program in Bafang, Cameroon and we are happy to share that out of 92 students in the program, there was a 92% pass rate for the BEPC (compared with an 83.7% pass rate nationally), a 76% pass rate for the BAC (compared with a 66.27% pass rate nationally) and a 63% pass rate for the Probatoire (compared with a 42.90% pass rate nationally). This is our second year of providing a free after-school tutoring program funded by the support of our donors.

A personalized free tutoring program helps us bridge the gap for the lowest performing students on the pathway to succeed in their exams. From March all the way through May 2022, the students put in around 630 hours of intensive personalized study supported by a group of amazing educators to help prepare them for their exams. We are incredibly proud of all the hard work the students from Le Lycée Bafang, in Cameroon, put into the after-school tutoring program and cannot wait to see them continue their academic achievements in the future. Furthermore, we are extremely satisfied that we were able to support these students and help them to build their confidence academically through generous donations. We hope to continue to increase the number of students we can support this school year and need your help to do so! Please consider donating to Yume Africa so that we can continue to create after-school tutoring opportunities for the students of Cameroon!

Personalized tutoring has a huge impact on student’s performance. Here are some benefits of tutoring:

  • Tutoring directly improve grades and academic performance of students; through consistent daily or weekly sessions, tutoring positively impacts learning. A study at San Bernardino Valley College found that students who received tutoring on campus between 2012-2015 had an overall success rate 7% higher than the campus-wide average. Many other studies have proven that tutoring helps students with higher retention, thus increasing academic performance.

  • Tutoring doesn’t just boost students’ grades but also boosts their self-confidence, a key aspect of learning. Tutoring increases self-confidence and motivates students, which leads to improvement in academic performance. It gives students the space to grow and see the value of knowledge.

  • Tutoring helps students who struggle to keep up and those who aren’t challenged enough to do better. It also helps improve also self-esteem.

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