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Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) in West Cameroon - Statistics and Needs

There has been a crisis in Cameroon's North and South West regions since 2016, known as the "Anglophone Crisis." Thousands have fled for their lives in other parts of the country, including the Department of Upper Nkam or Haut-Nkam (in French) in West Cameroon. They are called IDP or Internally Displaced Persons.

In West Cameroon's Department of Haut-Nkam (Upper-Nkam), Yume Africa is collaborating with Hope Foundation of Cameroon, a local NGO, to register internally displaced families.

On November 30, 2021, we had registered 4,741 internally displaced persons (IDP) out of which 2,494 were females and 2,247 were males within the 6 districts of the department. On average, these people come from 944 families of five. However, these statistics are not complete due to a lack of resources of our organization to conduct an exhaustive registration. We believe that more than 70,000 IDPs live in West Cameroon.

We have identified 2,038 kids under the age of 18 which represent about 60% of the whole population. 53% of them are young girls. Sadly, over half of them failed to attend school every year for the last four years.

We have identified four of the most challenging issues facing Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): food, access to education, health, and housing.

Many of these families have to move regularly from a temporary shelter to another. They cannot afford to pay rent as they are not working and have lost everything.

Many families do not have enough food for a day and their kids have to sleep with an empty stomach.

Join us in assisting the internally displaced families in Cameroon.

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