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Bringing hope to displaced kids in Cameroon!

On Friday, September 10, 2021, Yume Africa brought hope to 28 displaced kids in Cameroon during a ceremony of distribution of school gifts. The ceremony took place at the Woman House building in Bafang, West Cameroon. Parents and their children were given the receipt of payment of the school fees, school bags, books and money to cover other school expenses and shoes.

Among the 28 kids, there were 18 girls and 10 boys with 17 in elementary school and 11 in middle school. All of them were living in the English speaking regions, North West and South West of Cameroon. Due to the Anglophone crisis, they are displaced and live in the Department of Haut-Nkam, West of Cameroon. Some of them have lost one or both parents. Others live with relatives as their parents remain in the conflict regions. As you can see on their faces, parents and children were very happy for this great opportunity to have access to education in this time of COVID-19. The assistance came at the right time as the school year started on September 6. These kids can now attend school with confidence.

With the support of generous donors, we were able to raise enough money to sponsor 28 displaced children in Cameroon. This inspiring occasion reminds us at Yume Africa that the generosity of a few can have a lasting impact on others. Thanks to all of our donors! You have given these children hope for their future!

We would like to also thank our volunteers who worked hard to bring hope to these families. Yume Africa also thanks the Hope Foundation Cameroon, a local NGO for their collaboration in this effort.


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