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Yume Africa is helping 28 displaced kids in Cameroon go to school on September 10th.

On September 10th 2021, Yume Africa will hold a ceremony of distribution of the school gifts (school bags, books and supplies...) to 28 displaced children and their families in Bafang in Cameroon.

This distribution of school gifts is possible because of generous donors who participated to a GoFundMe campaign. The GoFundMe campaign was launched on July 5th to help displaced kids in Cameroon due to the Anglophone crisis to have access to education. In fact, since 2017, according to the latest report from UNHCR from February 2021, more than 1 million people are currently internally displaced in their own country and cannot go back to their home because of insecurity. Thousands of children lost their parents and cannot have access to education.

The campaign allowed Yume Africa to collect $2,935. This generous contribution will serve to help 28 of these kids go to school by paying their school fees, buying school bags, books and school supplies. Without these donations, these kids will have missed school this year.

Yume Africa would like to thank you very much all the donors: Andrea Bader, Richard Agnero, Koloko Nanda, Joey Gyengo and many others who spontaneously supported this effort.

Yume Africa would like also to thanks M. Chapi of Hope Foundation Cameroon who is our partner on the ground. He assisted us to contact and work with the different families in need.

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