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Yume Africa helped children in need at Lycée Bafang rural - Cameroon

Updated: May 26, 2021

On April 21, 2021, Yume Africa launched its charitable activities in Cameroon by paying the tuitions of 11 students in need in the Lycée Bafang rural - Cameroon. Their tuitions were past due and these students were under constant threat of being expelled. Some of these kids are orphans and their relatives cannot afford to pay their tuitions. With the support of the African diaspora, Yume Africa were able to pay their tuitions. A simple ceremony was held in the school in presence of the kids, their parents, the school representatives and the representative of Yume Africa in Cameroon. The tuition fees were paid in front of everyone present and a receipt was provided to each student and their parents. This was a relief for the parents and the students! Some of them even cried, so touched by Yume Africa's action. This is a great experience and the beginning of memorable actions that will impact the life of so many children in need in rural areas of Cameroon.

With everyone assistance, we can make a huge difference in so many lives and help children achieve their full potential. School should be free to every kid!


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