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100% passing rate for our students in Baccalaureate A. Tutoring is a game changer!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

We are so proud to announce that 15 out of the 15 participants in our tutoring program at the Lycée Bafang rural - Cameroon successfully passed their BAC A. This is a 100% passing rate! Congratulations to all these students for their efforts!

Last week, results of the BAC have been published. The BAC or Baccalaureate is the final exam for high school students in most African French-speaking countries. There are different specialities of BAC with the most popular being in science (BAC D and C) and in literature (BAC A). Having the BAC opens doors to colleges, universities and other opportunities.

In May 2021, Yume Africa launched a free tutoring program to assist low performers students (below average) in preparation of their final annual exam at the Lycée Bafang - rural in Cameroon. 15 students in Terminale A (equivalent of 13 years of education: end of high school) and 15 students in Terminale D, 21 girls and 9 boys have participated to a 6-week tutoring program. The program consisted of 20h a week after-class program in major courses (Maths, IT, Science, English...) with expert tutors. The students were very grateful for this opportunity, they were attentive and dedicated to the class. Their efforts paid off, 15 out of 15 passed successfully their BAC A. This is a 100% passing rate compared to the school passing rate for the BAC A (literature) of 89%. For BAC D, unfortunately, only 1 out of 15 participants passed. This is a 6.67% passing rate compared to the school passing rate of 4% and 2% in the Department of Haut-Nkam. We will work on improving and focusing our program on the students in BAC D next year.

We can say without reserve: Tutoring works and can make a big difference in a student life. Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the 98th percentile. And for high achievers, tutoring has proven to improve scores across all grade levels.(Source:

Yume Africa is committed to excellence and will continue its tutoring program the next academic year 2021-22. With your help, we can do more to help these kids succeed.


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