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1st Year Anniversary. What a year!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

December 2020 - December 2021: one year already that Yume Africa was founded by a group of Africans from the diaspora eager to give back to their communities through education.

Why Yume Africa? Profoundly touched by what happened in Africa at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with school closures, no remote learning opportunity, and other sociopolitical crisis in Cameroon, a group of 4 Africans from the diaspora decided to act together. This is how Yume Africa was created in December 2020 to help underprivileged kids in Africa (precisely in Cameroon) get access to better education and become successful leaders. They are strong believers in the power of education. Education opens door to countless opportunities.

What Did We Accomplish? Since our creation, we are proud to have impacted the lives of many kids and youth in Cameroon.

  • Sponsored 64 children in need (orphans, raised by single mothers, low-income families) in rural areas in Cameroon by paying their school fees, providing them books, school bags, uniforms. Without this assistance, these children would have missed school.

  • Assisted 28 internally displaced children in Cameroon - due to the "Anglophone crisis" - go to school this academic year in a safe environment.

  • Tutored 75 high school students with low grades through our tutoring program in preparation for their final exam for 6 weeks. We got an average passing rate of over 80% higher than the results at their school level and the national level.

What's Next? This year is ending, but the future is just beginning for Yume Africa. For 2022, we are planning to ...

  • launch practical training in entrepreneurship for the internally displaced young people to allow them to start a small business

  • continue our tutoring program to help students improve their grades and be ready for their annual exam

  • continue our sponsoring and back-to-school initiative for kids in need

  • and so much more...


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